The Most Common Causes of Data Breaches & What to Do

Since the pandemic began, the number of people working remotely from their homes has increased drastically. We've discussed in previous blog posts how remote workers have become increased targets of phishing and other email scams. An FBI report states that in 2020 alone, Americans lost $1.8[...]

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Online Security in Your Business

When it comes to online security, most small to medium-sized businesses don’t have the time or capacity to do more than their basic due diligence.

Just like insurance can sometimes feel like a big investment for a far off “what if?”, online security measures can seem like overkill.

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The Business Toolkit for Cyber Security Awareness Month

Were you aware? October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. As more companies move in to the online space, computer security is becoming increasingly important. You need to know how to protect your company from costly data loss.
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The Biggest Cyber Attacks of 2018

There are over a million people online, and every day there are people and companies that fall prey to cyber attacks.
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Digital Disasters Happen: Do You Have a Cyber Attack Plan?

We live in an online age. As a business owner, you rely on your computer systems to keep your company running.

Unfortunately, with an increased reliance on computer networks comes the increased risk of cyber security incidents.

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