How to Choose the Right Workspace Technology for Your Business

Your workspace is your second home when you're a business owner. On average, you might spend more time in your workspace than you do outside of it, which is a compelling reason to pay close attention to how you set up both the design or your workspace and the technology you use there. For[...]

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People Over Products: How People-Focused IT Services Provide Better Outcomes

Although IT is driven by technology, services, and products, in many ways, IT services are more about people than products. Although tools like computers and servers are important, it’s the people using them who are at the centre of what we do as an IT service provider in Edmonton and area.[...]

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The Top Reason Why Most Companies Are Falling Short on Cybersecurity Measures

The world of cybersecurity grows more complicated year by year. Cybersecurity and cyberattacks are not new issues; they’ve been important topics ever since businesses moved online. The main difference now is the level of expertise and security training required to do the job effectively.[...]

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Why Transferring to Protected Cloud Storage is in Your Best Interests in 2021

If this last year taught us anything, it’s that keeping data protected and easily accessible from any device makes life a whole lot easier when disaster strikes (like a global pandemic). Many businesses found themselves scrambling to efficiently access and transfer important information when the[...]

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The Four Main Types of Backup and Data Recovery Services

Backup and Data Recovery Services & Why Having Options Matters

Data and backup recovery services for businesses are not one-size-fits-all. Factors such as industry, business size, technology infrastructure, and level of security measures can all impact the type of services your business needs[...]

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Why Insurance Companies Need Managed IT Solutions

With the rapid advancements of technology that happen every day, all industries need to have proper, up-to-date IT, or they risk falling behind their competition. Insurance companies are no exception. Managed IT services can become an incredible asset for insurance companies and brokers, and[...]

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Cable Management Techniques to Keep Everything Organized

Dealing with a Mess of Scattered Cables

An office setting can quickly become a maze of tripping hazards as you add new devices to your network. Not only is this a major safety hazard, but it also makes dealing with your technology extremely difficult. Any IT specialist in Edmonton will tell you[...]

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How Cloud Computing Services are Changing How the World Does Business

Cloud Computing Services 

Digital technology has changed the entire canvas of business and the way in which people conduct their business. Everything and everyone can be connected through networks. This has given rise to a new tool that most businesses are using: Cloud computing. With so much[...]

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What is Encryption & How Does it Work?

Understanding Encryption

The last thing anyone wants is to be hacked or compromised online. Technology is so vast and complicated that people don’t always realize how vulnerable their data is until it’s too late. There are all kinds of confidential documents that need extra security and[...]

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7 Ways Digital Technology is Changing the Retail Industry

Retail Technology

Remember the days when you walked up to the cashier in a retail store and just handed them cold, hard cash to pay for your items? There was a time when that was the only payment option available and accepted: No shiny cards, no fancy screens.Thanks to digital technology, the[...]

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