How to Choose Server Hosting Through an IT Managed Service Provider

What is server hosting & why does your provider matter?

Server hosting is the management of hardware systems for a business. Outsourced server hosting allows a company to move faster, save money, and cut down on setup and management of their systems and connections.

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4 Benefits of Cloud Migration For Your Business

Many small and medium-sized businesses are still holding out on cloud computing services.

Although they’ve brought a few of their systems online, most don’t have a fully functioning data centre to use as a hub for their operations.

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Getting the Right Type of Firewall to Boost Your Online Security

If you’re operating without a firewall or you’ve never checked your settings, your network may be at risk.

Without a firewall, your employees’ and clients’ personal information, credit card details, and data could be at risk, alongside all your other essential company data. Your operating system[...]

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7 Simple Ways to Avoid Malicious Apps & Malware

We download more apps and software to our devices than ever before. In 2017 alone, 178 billion apps were downloaded worldwide.

What most people don’t realize is that with every download comes a security risk. The risk is slight, but new malware is being created for mobile devices as more apps go[...]

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5 Best Practices to Improve Data Security

Cyber security starts internally. From new security solutions to software updates, there are plenty of ways you can help keep your company safe.
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5 Things You Need to Know About Cloud Computing Services

The cloud has been around for quite a while now, but it still feels pretty new and foreign to most of us. When someone says your data has been stored in the cloud what does that mean?
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Announcing general availability of App Service Mobile Apps

We recently rolled out a number of updates to App Service Mobile Apps making it a better platform for building and running mobile backends. Today, I am excited to announce general availability of App Service Mobile Apps, as well as one-click zero downtime migration capability for your existing[...]

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Announcing general availability of AzCopy 5.0 with File and Table Storage support

We are pleased to announce the general availability of AzCopy 5.0, which now supports File and Table Storage. With this release, we have officially released all features for AzCopy.

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Announcing Microsoft Azure Backup Server

Microsoft Azure Backup Server is included as a free download with Azure Backup that enables cloud backups and disk backups for key Microsoft workloads like SQL, SharePoint and Exchange regardless if these workloads are running on Hyper-V, VMware or Physical servers. We had previously released[...]

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Announcing SQL Data Warehouse availability in India

We’re excited to announce the public preview availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse in all three Azure India data centers (Central, West and South India). The availability of Azure SQL Data Warehouse in the India data centers expands our regional support for scaled out data warehouses, thus[...]

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